Playing with Words

I recently received a copy of the last ever issue of Sein Und Werden - The Ironic Fantastic, in which I had a poem published.  The Ironic Fantastic is an anthology from writers including Bob Lock, Hannah F. Lawson, Sissy Pantellis and many many more. I started writing poetry when I lived in Spain back in 2005. I wrote so much that I would even be reciting poems in my sleep! I don't write as much now because I spend so much time painting and making jewellery, and there's just not enough hours in the day to do all the creative things I want to do. However, I still like to make up random funny poems or songs... I just got out of the habit of writing them down! In 2005 I wrote more than 150 poems. This is the first time I have sent a poem off to be published and I am delighted to be included in this anthology.  Many thanks to the editor Rhys Hughes and to the publisher Rachel Kendall.

You can find my poem 'Player of Words' below. Although I do recommend purchasing a copy of  The Ironic Fantastic as it is a real treasure trove of imagination, humour and absurdity. So if you're bored of the endless crime or romance sections of your local library and want something a bit lighter, funnier and more imaginative to tantalise your brain cells, then Ironic Fantastic can be purchased here:

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